Aloha Kakahiaka!!

Alooooohaaa!! As you can see, we’re making ourselves right at home in our new house. At first we thought Mommy didn’t love us anymore and was giving us away, but then after hours and hours we saw Daddy!

Mooshie saw these lizard things running around last night, but Daddy thinks she saw mice and has mouse traps everywhere now. He’s not too smart. Mice don’t poop upside down! Look at the ceiling!

Where’s Mommy though? Did she leave us??


  1. All systems ready for Kitty Kare duty! Tell them I’ll be there mid-late morning. Enjoy your trip!

  2. All was well yesterday afternoon. I stopped by in the afternoon before heading out to the Barefoot Bash II in Kahului. The kids are fine… food bowls are filled and water is fresh. Cleaned their “comfort station” and all is right with the world!
    As usual, Moosh was looking for affection and love while Widgit was just looking! Moosh plopped down on the spot and she graciously accepted a few minutes of petting.
    Because I had to rush a bit last night, I’ll be going over there in a few minutes (this morning) to check on them.
    By the way… I momentarily set off the alarm. Forgot the order of code/action vs. action/code. Most excitement I’ve had in a long time. Made the old heart rush! But, it literally was for a second, so I don’t think any harm was done.
    Well, off to play!

  3. I was greeted at the door by Widgit this time! What a surprise. She followed me to the alarm box seeing if I was going to do it right this time.
    What fun! I never knew Widgit was a paw-dipper! While switching bowls around and re-stocking the food supplies, I set the double food/water bowl on the counter for a second. Widgit was right on it! The paw was immediately dipped into the water and scattered about (your laptop is safe) and proceeded to daintily sip her water in this elegant way! Moosh waited on the carpet this time knowing a good, long petting-fest was in order.
    Of course she was right. As soon as I sat down, she was on my lap. As she got more into it, she climbed further up my chest and half onto my shoulder! What a love-bug!!! The motor was running full throttle the entire time! Why won’t my kitties do this for me?!
    Widgit went from the water to the food and then back to the water again while watching Moosh and me the entire time. She then stretched out at the other end of the island, looking VERY satisfied.
    I hated to leave, but I had some errands to do and promised them I’d be back later today. They both saw me to the door (making sure I set the alarm properly, too) and so concludes another visit! What great kitties!!

  4. Well, once again I announced my arrival to the kits upon entry. (I really need to figure out what I am doing wrong with that alarm!)

    Food & water bowls were refreshed and snacks were handed out and graciously accepted! Then, of course, Moosh NEEDED her fix. She revved her engine, climbed up under my chin, and laid down waiting for the petting to begin. Widgit had the sofa and again was the silent observer. We later tried sitting next to her, but she moved further over to the end table. Just can’t relax when we’re in her comfort zone, but that’s ok. Moosh sponged enough lovin’ for the both of them!
    Comfort Station was cleared and we said our farewells for another day. Mom and Dad will be back tomorrow! Yay!

  5. Well, Mom and Dad have left for the weekend and the pet sitter returns! Mahalos for the mango. I found another on the ground and yet another dropped into my hand as I touched it!
    I brought Tutu Paul with me. She loves kitties and she has had company for the past couple weeks so I thought she might enjoy a change of scenery. Moosh took to her like glue! Even Widgit came right up to her, inspected her hand closely and accepted her without a fuss. Tutu says it’s because the kitty knows that she doesn’t move fast and is no threat to her. I didn’t think Tutu would make the stairs, but she was so anxious to see the kitties, she did it! I cleaned out their “comfort station” and refreshed the water and food bowls. They were all pleased that everything is as it should be. Moosh climbed onto Tutu when she sat down (which isn’t an easy task!) and I think the two of them could have stayed like that forever. I should have taken a picture… she was such good therapy for Mom’s soul and arthritic hands.

  6. I was a little late in getting over today, but no one seemed to notice. Widgit was snoozing on the sofa and sweet Moosh came running upon my arrival. So far, no problems with the alarm system this time! Yay!!
    They ate yesterday’s food just fine and after the usual rounds and pampering I said my farewells for the afternoon and promised them I’d be back later! What great kits! πŸ™‚

  7. Came back late this afternoon and Moosh was waiting for her rub down. Food wasn’t a concern. They still had a bit there, so I just added to their bowls. Widgit didn’t think anything was exciting enough to make herself known, so Moosh and I just shared some up-close-and-personal time.
    Mahalo again for the delicious mangoes! They are absolutely the sweetest I have EVER had… and believe me, that’s a lot of mangoes ago!

  8. Well, it’s Sunday evening already and everything is fine. The Kitty Komfort Station is holding up, Moosh is as full of love as ever… if not more so, and Widgit is still playing hard to get. I think I figured her out though. She is alpha cat and I know that and she knows that I know that. So, any flinching I do only reinforces her dominance over me. She made me flinch yesterday, so we’re back to square one because of my own action. Well, maybe not square one, but I took a step back and she has me right where she wants me! πŸ™‚ She is SMART! I’ll have to give her a day or so before I try contact again. I need a gimmick! I may have to resort to some type of distracting entertainment! At least she doesn’t run or walk away from me! πŸ™‚
    James came with me this evening (it was later than I’d hoped and didn’t want to drive alone… long story involving his parents) and we both hung out with them. Of course Moosh piled herself right up under his chin and we had some quality time. Then, she did the same to me, so she really had some good lovin’ tonight!
    Moosh is also drinking from the bathroom faucet for me, too. (She did it yesterday and again today.) After she finishes her “pet-fest,” she heads to the bathroom because she knows that’s where I’m headed next to check the Kitty Komfort Station. She hops right up on the vanity and waits patiently until I turn on the water… then, she leans forward and laps with her eyes closed, luxuriating in the experience.
    Well, I hope you have a good visit with them tomorrow. I’ll probably get over there mid-day and then I’ll be there later in the evening again. (later than usual because I have a meeting at the clinic from 5:30 – 7:00 PM.) So, it will be a long day. I just want to reassure them that it’s “ok” for the night. πŸ™‚
    Until next time… take care and know that all is well on the home front!

  9. Monday, Monday…. Today is the day that Mom and Dad came home but left again! Totally confusing even for such smart kits as Widgit and Moosh!
    All was well when I got to check in with them a little after 5. Widgit was sitting in the head chair at the dining room table and Moosh was directing me around making sure I checked the food and their Comfort Station (which is still holding up well with the duct tape) and letting her indulge at the sink for a “proper” drink of water!
    I had a 5:30 meeting back at the office, so I had to cut it a little short tonight, but will make up for it tomorrow.
    Take care and have a purr-fectly wonderful time!

  10. Wow… the week has gone by already?? And I only got to write a couple times. Sorry! It was a very busy week. I won’t go in to details, but know that the kits were fine and we had a good time. The business had nothing to do with them. They were the easy part and the best part of my day… especially the sunsets!! I love your home and thoroughly enjoyed some quiet time there each day. Thank you!!

    This evening, my final visit for this jaunt, was lovely. The three of us were all on the sofa together! Of course, Widgit was at one and and Moosh and I were on the other end, but it almost felt like “family!” Widgit would glance over her shoulder every once in a while and look at us like we were pathetic and then put her head down and close her eyes pretending we weren’t there. All should be good. The Kitty Komfort Station held up with no problems. All’s right with the world!

    I think I forgot to tell you that Widgit did join Moosh and me in the bathroom on one occasion and was up on the vanity as well. I filled the sink on the lft for her while Moosh drank from the running faucet on the right. Almost had a three-ring circus going! πŸ™‚

    Well, tomorrow you arrive back home and I know the kits will be ever-so-glad to see you and get their lives back to “normal.” I think you have one final mango almost ready, too! I hope your week was a good one and you were able to celebrate the birthday and anniversary with the traditional grandeur it deserves! Call me or email me if you have any questions.

    WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oops!! The NEXT trip is the anniversary trip!! Sorry… getting all mixed up!! So, hope the Birthday celebration was perfect!

    :::: tosses confetti in the air :::: YAY!