Day 10

It’s Day 10 and I’m actually able to work in my office today. The den is in good shape and we’re wired for sound both there and in the living room so we just need to dock our iPods and away we go. We can actually eat on our dining table, and after 4 days of creative cramming, we actually have something in the kitchen other than an extra-large pan and my 8-inch chef’s knife. The computers are up and stable all over the house, the monitors are color calibrated and the printers and scanners all work.

Now comes the hours and hours of moving more than a terabyte of data back to where it should be after months of being on temporary hard drives. It’s almost overwhelming. I’ve been living without all these creature comforts for months. We’re so busy we don’t notice the days passing, but each morning we wake up to something that feels more like a home.