Flossie Diving

Ever been diving in a hurricane? Well, I guess we can claim we have, if you can call it a hurricane. Flossie came roaring at us as a category 4, then fizzled to a 3, then a 2, all the way down to a tropical depression as it moved off. The Big Island waited with bated breath – schools closed, restaurants closed and cruise ships diverted to Maui.

Meanwhile, in Kona, we didn’t get a drop of rain, the sun peeked out of the clouds from time to time, just like it always does, the water was clear and calm, and Dive Makai operated its charters with style, just like they do every day. We had some fabulous dives while Flossie sat just a few hundred miles away.

By far, the find of the trip was the blue-spotted sea urchin (Astropyga radiata) we saw at Golden Arches. It’s rare in Hawaiian waters, so we were pretty lucky. I guess it pays to go diving in a hurricane. Very cool!