Maui Diving

I talked Kathy into going on her first Maui dive this morning. She’s been here over three weeks and hasn’t been in the water once until today, thanks to the storms and her desire to get the house done before the furniture arrives — hasn’t even put on a swimsuit. I decided she needed to be reminded why we’re moving here in the first place.

We dove a site called Five Graves in Makena — so named because you walk by five graves on the way to the dive site. It’s an easy dive when it’s nice and calm, like today, but it’s a very rocky entry and exit, so when it’s rough, it can be a bitch. Not that this would necessarily deter seasoned Monterey divers like us, but it’s also pretty shallow close to shore (about 20 feet), and the surf gets really mean when it’s rough. The storms we’ve been having lately have put a damper on any diving activity there.

The water was about 75 degrees and the vis was a slightly soupy 70-100 feet depending on where you were. Not crystal, but not bad for Hawaii at this time of year (and Monterey divers have no excuse for complaining!). I suspect it would have been better farther out at a depth of 40-50 feet. One of these days, I’ll have to find someone with a boat who wants to do something other than fish.

We saw a variety of in-shore fishes — triggers, tangs, butterflies, wrasses, sargents, puffers, boxfish, etc. — some shrimp and three different green sea turtles. The coral was looking surprisingly nice for Hawaii. You don’t usually get much nice coral out here thanks to all the environmental damage brought on by the military, tourists and other sources. Over the years, we’ve been seeing steady improvement in Kona too, so maybe it’s really starting to make a comeback after all. Always nice to see a trend like that.