Officially Kama’aina

After putting it off for months, I finally got around to swapping my California drivers license for a Hawai’i one yesterday. Seems like a simple thing, but you know how it is — you have to flip through the book for a while, looking for things you don’t know, even though you’ve been driving in this country for years, then waste time putting up with DMV (although as DMV goes, the one in Kihei is out of the way and less busy than the main one in Kahului). It seemed like such a hassle, and I hadn’t made time for it, but with the sale of our California home, I decided I really should have some form of ID that had our address on it.

That truly was my last tie to our former residence, and giving it up signified that we really live here now. This makes me officially kama’aina, or a resident of Hawai’i (literally translated “child of the land”) and entitles me to all the kama’aina discounts on the island, such that they are. Being in a state almost totally dependent on the tourism industry, the local folks like to be able to distinguish the residents from the malihini, or foreigner.

Feels strange in a way, I don’t really feel like a local yet. As much as we’ve visited the islands over the years, I’m still learning the place as a resident. Hopefully, this brings me a step closer.