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Hi! I’m Moosh and I’ve found a new home today. I’ve been so scared for so long at the Humane Society, where they say someone found me on the streets with babies inside me. I don’t have babies anymore, but I was in a cage with all those other noisy animals near me, especially the little one next door, who always clung to the front of the cage and yelled like crazy when people walked by! I always hid in the back of my cage where no one could see me.

Today, this nice lady walked by my cage and looked inside. She had sad eyes like she had just lost another kitty. She said nice things in a soft voice and I thought she might be okay, but I was still so scared. Then a nice man came soon after and looked inside too. I spoke softly and told him I was scared, but I still didn’t move.

Finally, someone took me out of the cage, put me in a box and gave me to them. I was so afraid and I yelled and yelled all during the ride to their home. I even pooped in my box because I was so afraid and car sick. Then they let me out and I tried to hide in the garage, but they brought me inside where I met their other kitty, who I didn’t like at all, so I just ran and hid under their bed.

They left me alone until I got hungry and came out to eat, then I explored the house for a while and decided it wasn’t so scary after all, but I still yelled a lot. I found the nice man sitting on the couch and jumped up on his lap because I needed to be loved. He asked me what my name was and I mooshed my head into his hand until he figured out my name was Moosh.

The other kitty is Widgit and we’re sisters now. We share food and sleep a lot, and rumble around the house when we wake up. I think I’m going to like my new home and my new family.