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We’ve had our little Truffle less than 24 hours. We are starting to know her personality. Since she was sent home with an upper respiratory infection she is supposed to be sick and sleepy. NOT. She is a kitten…and very cute one at that.

Here are a few things that are uniquely Truffle.

  • She is not cautious about anything. When she wants attention, it is more like a bomb hitting you in the face. Because of her infection (or is it just her infectious personality?) we are covered with cat spit at all times.
  • She has no sense of personal space. She thinks it is fun to sleep on your shoulder…turnaround and put her butt right in your face.
  • She needs to be with someone at all times. Right now she is sleeping on my desk…6 inches from my keyboard. If you don’t see her and look around, don’t forget to look right under you!
  • I tried to teach her that only the most-senior kitty gets to be on the bed. Poor Mooshie is scared of little Truffle so we wanted to give her a little peace. Put Truffle down and say no…put Truffle down and say No… Move her kitty bed beside our bed…Put her down and say no…15 times putting Truffle down finally did the trick – for about 2 minutes. When we turned the lights out, it took about 2 minutes for her to snuggle between my legs. Later she slept on my pillow. Luckily she is so little that her movements don’t wake me up!
  • She loves toys. She reminds me of Widgit the way she carries her toys around. This morning Peter was looking for the mouse. Apparently she had decided that mouse needed a bath…he was in her water bowl!
  • She hasn’t knocked over the tree or broken anything – yet. Slowly we’ll be kitty-proofing our house.
  • Peter is pretty terrible at the discipline thing. He keeps telling me all the things she does and accusing me of leaving him alone with her. I ask “Did you put her down and say – NO?” Of course not! So Truffle is training Peter…not the other way around. Why is it that moms always have to be the disciplinarians?

I can already tell that Truffle is going to be a huge part of our lives!