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Cute pics and ugly actions

by | May 28, 2009 | Kitties, Moosh, Truffle, Widgit

Our girls are inseparable sisters now. They play, they eat, they clean each other and they even use the litter box together! Truffle still has no outside (lanai) rights so that is Mooshie’s one time to get away from Typhoon Truffle. Last week Mooshie did decide to share the experience with Truffle. She had been out and I let her in. The way she was acting guilty, I figured she had eaten a gecko – she knows we yell at her when she does. She sat and waited until I left the room then proceeded to show Truffle the nearly dead gecko she had been holding in her mouth. I came out and they were both playing with it!

Our Mooshie continues to have ups and downs with IBD. She’ll be fine for a few days and then throw up or have bad diarrhea. I heard that one thing that makes it worse is regular clumping cat litter. I guess they ingest some amount and it causes intestinal problems. Then I realized that she started having the IBD problems when I switched Widget and Mooshie off the “World’s Best Cat Litter”. WBCL is a corn-based product and was the best thing that worked in the automatic litter box. Probably because it was very light-weight and didn’t make the motor work hard. But when Widgit’s kidney problems got worse, it was just too expensive to continue use.

I thought about it and I decided to try WBCL again. I figured Mooshie had used it happily before and Truffle doesn’t seem phased by anything so I skipped the step of getting them used to the new litter. Bad move on my part. It didn’t phase Mooshie a bit. Truffle HATED the new litter. Because it is so light weight, she would sink into it and she can’t dig as ferociously as she likes. For 2 days I tried to coerce her to use it and she would go in and use it for #2. Yesterday morning, I was cleaning it out when she came in, YELLED at me, did #2, jumped out, YELLED again and jumped in my laundry basket and piddled. Yes, it did have dirty laundry in it.

Now I’ve mixed them but am still coercing Truffle. I guess this is just another phase of growing up…she has definite opinions!