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Endearing Widgit-isms

by | Dec 6, 2008 | Kitties, Moosh, Widgit

Peter put together a beautiful video of photos of our Widgit. I couldn’t handle looking through my thousands of pictures of her. She was always so photogenic and entertaining. As I go through my day flooded with tears, I want to remember every little moment. Each tear is but a memory of the joy she brought us each day. Many people never liked Widgit or describe her as “Widgit the Wicked” or say she has a “different personality”. She had a great ability to make guests fear her. She definitely was not an ordinary cat. But she is more endearing than any cat I’ve ever known.

Here is a summary of “Widgit-isms” that we came to know and love.

I love people. I do not love people trying to love me. Do not pick me up and don’t cuddle me. I want you to talk to me and play with me. I like getting treats and if you come to my house enough, I will train you to give me treats.

I am the dominant being in this house. I greet everyone at the door and if they try to treat me like a “nice kitty”, I bite them. Small children are not exempt.

I love the UPS guy because he brings me boxes to play in. I hate the garbage men because they make big scary noises.

When I was young, I could leap small buildings in a single bound – well at least jump up to the top of the shower stall or top of a 6 foot bookcase.

Do not touch my tail! I walk with my tail straight in the is a piece of beauty. You can scratch my head but do not touch my tail.

I love projects. I help Dad framing his photos and help Mom paint and clean and rearrange stuff. I do not like Mom’s vacuuming projects at all and find solace hiding in Dad’s study.

Moving silently has no purpose for an indoor cat. I’ve been called the Blurry Flurry, Thunder Puppy and various other names for my ability to make tons of noise running around the house. I always have “spurts” of energy right after I poop (which I never covered up). It is important to get far, far away from stinky things and that sometimes includes Mooshie.

Office space layout is very critical. You need to have enough desk space for me sprawl out. If you have too many papers, I’ll just move them for you.

I love to play. I don’t like all kitty toys but all the kitty toys in the house are mine. My favorite toy is a red plastic stick that once had yellow fruffy things on the end. I destroyed those long ago but the stick still works well for playing. Just put it under a bathmat, towel, bedspread or rug and I pounce away.

I am not a lap cat. I will never be a lap cat and don’t ever try to make me one.

There is nothing like Maui breezes. I put my face into the wind and let the breezes flow across my ears. I never went to the beach and think it must be over-rated. I do like licking on Dad while he is still salty though!

Purr all the time, as loudly as possible and people will wonder what you are up to. Some vet said I had a heart-condition but you could never hear it! I didn’t stop purring all of the time until I got very sick.

Cupboards make very cool hiding places. I learned to open them, crawl in and close them behind me. Mom and Dad never knew how I did it but they would have to rescue me.

I’ve been known to open closed doors – especially when guests are in the guest room!

I love to play. Lights on electronics are fun. Dad didn’t like it when I managed to turn the volume all the way up and then instantly unmuted. He said something about blowing speakers!

I usually don’t sleep on the bed. That is for dumb calico cats like my sisters. But if I get hungry in the middle of the night or scared, I’ll crawl in bed and give Mom kisses – right on the lips seems to work the best.

My favorite foods are Ahi and A’u. Maui is great cause we eat them often. I do not like salmon except for the skin. Most other fish is ok. Beef makes me throw up. I haven’t eaten a hot dog since I met Dad in the park. But a fresh bag of crunch cat food it good too! I cover up the wet stuff…it smells bad!

I love to play. Laundry is great game. I’ve always loved jumping in laundry baskets and it doesn’t matter if it is empty or full of clean or dirty clothes! I found that mom gets really frustrated making the bed when I’m helping but I think it is great fun. She would have a bump in the middle of a fully made bed.
Routines are very important. Mom has to get up every morning and say “Aloha Kakahiaka Popokis”, pet our heads and give us treats… I always get mine first. Same thing at night — “Aloha Ahiahi Popokis”. Then mom needs to clean my litter box while I supervise. Dad comes in and we play.

Drinking is about the art of paw-dipping. It is also another stealing game. Don’t leave a glass of fresh water near me or I’ll dunk my paw in it. I’ve drink out of sinks after you fill it with fresh water. I find that I can drink a lot more water out of your paw than mine.

I like to play. One of my favorite game is stealing chairs. Get up for a minute and I’ll take it and act like I was there for hours. The exception to this is if the dining room table is set — I’ll just lay on as many place settings as possible.

Mom and Dad always knew how much I loved flowers. Mom would bring them in from her garden. Dad would buy them for me on special occasions like Mom’s Birthday and Valentines day. I like to chew on them!

When you can’t play anymore, you may as well cross the Rainbow Bridge.

You will be missed ‘lil Widgit. Mahalo for years of companionship, many memorable moments and an amazing fun-loving personality.

Aloha, My Popoki