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Endings and New Beginnings

by | Dec 16, 2008 | Kitties, Moosh, Widgit

3 trips to the Humane Society.

We decided it was time to look for another kitty. Yesterday we went to the Humane Society to take a look at their cats. We asked at the front if they had Widgit’s remains yet and they did. We only had about 30 minutes before they closed but we decided see how many animals they have. They have a cat house with 2 family rooms, a nursery and miscellaneous cats in cages along the walls. Each family room had about 20 cats – primarily one sex or the other with a mixture of spayed/neutered animals sprinkled in. Pink are spayed females, red are females, blue are males, yellow are neutered males. Too many choices! We didn’t even look at the nursery because I like thinking of giving older cats a chance. Of course the family rooms had cats from kittens to full grown cats. They all need good homes and there was only one that I would not have taken and loved. But alas, we wanted to find someone who would get along with Moosh-face. Peter wanted someone photogenic for obvious reasons. Yesterday we narrowed it down to 3 that we liked. 1)A beautiful calico neutered male who was lovey and kept following us around. 2) A cute tiger-striped young female who sat on the window-sill and loved to be petted but freaked-out when held. 3) A little black skinny kitten who just kept following me around and sitting under my feet.

Too many decisions…we decide to think about it for the night and come back. It was hard bringing Widgit back home but we took the box and put it under the tree…where she would want to be. Peter keeps asking me… are you sure you are ready for another kitten? I say that one will come in my dreams and it will be our cat. It did… but I still had to be sure.

This morning we went back to the humane society when they first opened. We head out to the cat house. I decided I wanted someone who looked up at me with bright eyes. Other than that I’d let the cat pick us. We go in and meet a few new cats who were either not there yesterday or who were sound asleep. Very nice kitties…all of them. How do you pick? Then comes in little black kitty… he jumps up on the chair besides me and just looks up at me. Oh and there is the beautiful calico boy – yes very strange to have a calico BOY! We decide to head outside. All my favorites follow.

We see and pet the little “sill sitter”. We both decide that she obviously doesn’t like being with the other cats and may be as neurotic as Mooshie so she probably isn’t the best fit.

Peter sits on the bench trying to take pictures of the cats – but they have other things in mind. He hands the camera over to me and I capture him with little black kitty and Mr. Calico. I love calico’s but do I want 2 at the same time?

Finally I give the camera back, and lean down to pet the cats at my feet. Well, little black kitty decides that being petted is not enough and suddenly jumps up on me and tries to crawl in my purse! At that moment, I knew. She proceeded to crawl up my back as if in VICTORY!

We did the paperwork and she gets fixed up tomorrow. One more trip to the Humane Society tomorrow to bring her home!

P.S. She hasn’t told us her name yet.