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It’s slow, but there’s a little improvement every day. She’s started voluntarily eating fish without too much coddling when we put it in front of her, even without the appetite stimulators. We’ll have to figure out how to transition her to the food she’s supposed to be eating pretty soon.

She’s moving around on her own a lot more and can make it to her litter box without assistance. She even goes downstairs and lays on the futon, though we usually help her get back upstairs.

She’s also started to fight us more when we pill her or inject the fluids. That’s good news and bad news. I hope she gets used to her new way of life before she tears us to shreds.

She’s a real trooper. The CRF and cardiomyopathy combination is a rough one. The treatment for one generally impacts the other. It’s a delicate balance. If it were me, I’m not sure I would be handling it quite as well.