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This is the day I found my mom and dad in the park. I was only five weeks old and I’d been running around for days chasing the dogs, eating whatever I could find and drinking out of the big fountain. I couldn’t reach the water with my tongue so I started using my paw to dip into the water. Today, a little girl with a painted face picked me up and took me to a party with nice people and lots of food! She walked around with me asking if anyone knew me or wanted me. No one seemed to care, so she finally put me down and went to play.

I looked around and saw a nice man eating at a table next to a kind looking lady. I was so hungry, so I jumped up and sat by his hand. Just like I hoped, he gave me a piece of his hot dog, then another, then another! I was so happy I decided he was mine, so I followed them around all day. Every time he turned and saw me, he gave me something!

Later, they started hugging people and saying goodbye, but then they started walking away, so I thought they were going to leave me. I was so sad! But the nice man turned and looked at me, then kneeled down and asked me my name. Of course I told him my name was Widgit!

He picked me up, took me to his car and started driving. I was so scared! I even pooped on the floor and tried to hide by crawling under his feet, but he wasn’t too happy about that, so I climbed up his body and sat on his neck behind his head the rest of the way. I was feeling sick and almost threw up!

Finally they stopped the car and let me out. I explored and explored, and I thought I would be happy in this new place, but then another kitty came out. I didn’t like her at first, and they put me in the nice man’s study to keep us separated. Her name was Padi and we’re sisters now.

The nice man and lady took me to a doctor the next day to get me fixed up, and I didn’t like that at all! But then they took me home again and that’s where I stayed. (Well okay, I did escape a couple of times, but I always came home.) They feed me ahi sometimes and that’s my favorite. I think I chose nice parents!