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Lonely Kitty

by | Dec 15, 2008 | Kitties, Moosh, Widgit

Since Widgit’s passing, Moosh has been increasingly clingy with us—having to be on us all the time, constantly following one of us around, always begging for (actually demanding) attention or pieces of whatever we’re eating.

So much so that it’s become difficult to work. Climbing up on us and disabling our hands isn’t new, but doing every few minutes (unless she’s asleep) is. We’ll often find her nose down on the bed or floor, instead of being the spry, energetic kitty she usually is.

We’ve come to the conclusion she’s lonely. She’s been with us for about 11.5 years, and Widgit has been her constant companion the whole time. It may be time she took her place as “Most Senior Kitty”. (Hard to imagine.)

Kathy’s been talking about a “Christmas Kitten”, and it just might come to pass. We were waiting to see how we’d feel, and how Mooshie would be. If we ever want to get any work done again (or sleep through the night), she needs a new companion.

And who knows… it might help us heal. After all, she originally came into our lives to help us heal from losing Padi, Kathy’s 20-year-old kitty.