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Aloha. Yesterday Peter said to me…we haven’t even blogged anything about Mele. As I sit here on a quiet Sunday morning, I hear thunder of little paws. My house is strewn with toys and little mice of every color.

Mele joined our family on Peter’s birthday over 2 months ago. After the first night, Peter wanted to take her back. She had cried all night long. On the second night she was a little better but still cried. We named her “Mele” which means song in Hawaiian. For a little cat she definitely has a set of pipes that she likes using.

Mele came to us from the Maui Humane Society. They said she was about 2 years old and had been brought in from Kula with a litter of kittens. The kittens were all very cute fluffy orange furballs and were quickly adopted. She had been fixed at the end of April, but no one had adopted her. She was pretty skinny and her fur wasn’t soft. That changed within a few days of being with us. She is now a healthy 9 lbs. We has a hard time believing she is much older than Truff. The vet agreed with us that she is younger than 2. Of course, part of that is that Truffle has responsibly taken up the “most-senior-cat” role.

The first few days were trying but we are both glad we kept her. Truffle really loves Mele too — well mostly! They are best of friends and play hours on end together. Truffle does need special moments with her mom and dad when Mele isn’t around though… it is definitely a competition for attention. Mele on the other hand just seems content with almost any attention. She isn’t demanding – except at mealtime when she uses her “nails on the chalkboard” voice to let us know she comes first. Unfortunately, even though she never comes first, Truffle has gotten into singing for supper too. Her sweet “alto” voice with Mele’s squealy soprano is quite the song!