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Covered w/kitty spit!I am again writing on the happenings with Truffle which is too much fun. We’ve had her just 2 weeks and it seems like forever. She is slowly learning our routines and teaching us her routines.

When Mooshie waits every morning for her treats, now Truffle jumps up on the counter and waits for her treats. This happens because when I tried to give Truffle treats on the floor, she would just bomb at Mooshie and eat her treats. Everybody is supposed to know that the “most senior kitty” gets treats first! So I’d put Truffle up on the counter and gave her treats there. It didn’t take her long to just jump up on the counter; hopefully she’ll be a smart girl. And Mooshie gets to eat her treats in peace. We are still waiting for Moosh to haul out and bop Truffle good one day.

Whenever I go to clean the litter box, my helper comes along. For a few days, she would just sit outside the box and watch. I thought the ghost of Widgit must have whispered in her ear “You gotta watch that mom to make sure she cleans the box good enough”. Then one day, she draped herself over the edge the box, and watched. The next day she sat IN the box and watched. Well… watching doesn’t happen now. She has to help every “literal” step of the way! It takes longer, but I can’t help but laugh. At least she doesn’t lay down in the box until we are done.

The whole house is now a toy pen. We have about 6 mice, 3-4 stick toys and at least 3 balls which move around the house with reckless abandon. I heard this odd clicky noise the other day and went to investigate to find Truffle, taking one of her stick toys up the stairs.

Hanging around wine... She has a new funny place to sleep — on our wine rack. I can’t imagine it being comfortable but it is pretty funny. She also watches TV from there. Last night she watched at least 15 minutes of Sci-Fi Friday with Peter… she thinks aliens are fun. Only occasionally does she attack the screen!

Her new favorite game is called “Casually Walking By”. Of course this takes a human to play with.. she hides (or so she thinks) under the bed or behind the corner and waits for you to “casually walk by” when she ambushes you. She’ll do this over and over again!

Our day of no medical care was just that – one day. We took Truffle in and she has ear bacteria…so now we are cleaning and putting drops in her ears. Mooshie has definitely picked up the respiratory infection but hopefully will get over it without drugs…the administration of drugs stress her more than being sick. Of course, this morning “The Little One” started sneezing again. I wonder if she caught it back from Moosh?

They are getting closer. Last night when Peter came to bed, Moosh came up (as usual) to cuddle and then Truffle came up to cuddle… and they all cuddled together. I’d been asleep for hours.

Truffle has several new nicknames:

  • Trouble – when she gets into someplace and creates a mess. Like when she sent my 6″ stack of papers flying from my desk over the 1/2 wall and falling down the stairwell!
  • Terrorist Truffle – when she attacks Mooshie who is trying to use the litterbox.
  • Truffle the Terrible – when she decide bedtime is play time and pounces on your every move.
  • Little One – Mom’s affectionate name when Truffle is being cute or sleeping.