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Move Your Stuff Dad!

by | Oct 27, 2008 | Kitties, Widgit

Widgit has taken to hanging out in my office a lot since she got home from the hospital. So much so that I opted to put a beach towel down in her space by the window to keep her from sliding around (she still doesn’t have full control of her hind legs) and to protect against accidents (the litter box routine still hasn’t come back 100%). I also set up a folding chair she can use as a step stool. It’s heartbreaking to watch her fall trying to make jumps she thinks she can still make.

Today though, she started something new. She walked across all the surfaces from her spot to my desk and just sat there and complained, looking at my notebook computer. At first I wasn’t sure what she wanted, but then it became clear she wanted me to move stuff aside so she could lie down. She did this a lot with Kathy when before she got sick (and has now started to again) but not so much with me.

This is after deciding to join us on the bed at around 3:00 a.m., which again wasn’t unusual before she got sick, but hasn’t been happening too much lately. The problem with that is something wakes her up every few minutes and she moves around, awakening us just as we’re drifting off again. We suspect there might be a twitch or something caused by one or both of her maladies that wakes her when she sleeps.

So, all in all, she’s either feeling a lot better and really wants our attention, or she isn’t and is trying to communicate that. Who knows. I just know we’re all sleep deprived amd she takes over every space we happen to be in at the time.