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No Fluids This Morning

by | Nov 12, 2008 | Kitties, Widgit

For the first time since we got her back from her hospital stay, we actually had to give up on the fluids this morning. She kept curling up into a ball, rolling over on her side, growling, scratching, biting and being ornery.

When this happens, we usually just let her go, leave her on her own for a while, pick her up again, and eventually succeed in getting at least 100 if not the full 200 cc’s into her.

Not this morning. It just was wasn’t going to happen. Not even with the clothes pins. And when Kathy tried removing them, Widgit attacked her properly and bit her. I had a breakdown one morning during the last month. It was time for Kathy to have one, and this morning was it.

Maybe we’ll try again later today. Maybe we’ll call the vet and try to get her sedatives. For now, we’re just going about our day.