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Office Helpers

by | Jul 24, 2008 | Kitties, Moosh, Widgit

We hate it when mom leaves us in the morning and doesn’t come home all day. She must be mad at us!

So when she comes home, we know we need to help her! She works too much and doesn’t take enough time to do fun projects. The only project she does lately seems to be the vacuum project which we don’t like at all.

Here we are helping her at her desk. The messier her desk, the more fun! We have our little games. Widgit plays the “steal mom’s chair game” whenever she gets up. Mooshie thinks that when Mom is on the phone, she is talking to her so she climbs on her lap and squeaks. Our favorite is when Mom eats lunch at her desk.

You don’t happen to need these papers I am laying on…do you mom?