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It’s still slow going, but it’s looking like Widgit is on the road back. She’s back to her old self in many ways. She hangs out on (yes, I said on) our feet whenever we’re in the kitchen acting as if our only reason to be there is to give her something to eat. This is a far cry from a little over a week ago, when we had to coddle her and beg her to eat something. She’s still picky, but it’s more like how she used to be rather than lack of interest in food.

She holds her head up all the time now, rather than being nose down, and she routinely climbs up and down the stairs on her own. She tries to jump up on things like she used to, but still doesn’t have the control over her hind legs she thinks she does (though it has improved), so she falls some of the time. We’ve started rearranging furniture to create “stairways” for her to the places she tends to want to go. (Yes, she’s started to dictate our interior design too.)

Her last visit to the vet almost a week ago showed an improvement of her creatine down to normal levels, but her BUN was still high. Her phosphorus was low, so she got pills for that (yet more pills).

Administering the fluids and pilling her is quickly becoming more and more of an ordeal as she gets stronger and fights more. I’ve taken to wearing oven gloves during the pilling and am working on my needle technique to minimize her awareness of me and get the fluids flowing as quickly as possible. Kathy gets the brunt of the bites and scratches in the meantime. We’re both learning a lot about the needles, lines, bags, daisy chaining them, gravity, etc.

I really hope she calms down and starts accepting this someday, but that’s not her, and it’s her we’re fighting to get back.