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Amazing. Rarely do you find hints and tips on the internet that are worth much. But this worked. It really worked. Reference: Article Video

Our subQ session + pilling session this morning was nearly painless. I put 4 clothespins on Widgit’s scruff. They say 3 works for most cats but some need up to 6. Given Widgit’s personality I decided to start with 4. I’m amazed that they (I tried this on Moosh first) don’t even seem to notice these big clothespins on their scruff. Widgit was downstairs looking out the screendoor. After putting the pins on her, she followed me around. Peter said he was ready so I picked her up… no growls which is a first.

I take her upstairs and put her on the pillow.

  • Before clothespins (B4 CP): She would back up and struggle to sneak out. I would hold her in a near death grip.
  • With clothespins (W/CP): She laid down and growled a bit when I put the towel around her. I was a little scared because with the clothespins, I couldn’t get a good grip on her if she struggled. But no struggle.

Peter preps and injects the needle, starts fluid going.

  • B4 CP: Peter struggles to find a pocket to inject. Widgit tenses and hisses. Widgit yowls when needle goes in; squirms and tries to bolt as soon as liquid enters.
  • W/CP: Peter works about 15 secs to find pocket. Put needle in and said it was like putting in butter. Widgit growls an little but stays calm.

During 5-10 minutes of fluid injection time.

  • B4 CP: Widgit would squirm, growl, hiss and attack. Kathy holds Widgit and tries to sing to calm her down and stay positive. About 1/2 the time it got so bad that we would prepare to pull out early… sometimes we did. Kathy would be asking Peter every 30 seconds — are we done yet?
  • W/CP: Widgit growls but lies still without tensing. Kathy sings; I’m not sure it helps. Peter says “1/2 way done”. Peter says “50mg to go”; Widgit squirms a bit… YEA – we’re done!

We leave CP on while Widgit enjoys her morning breakfast and we put gear away and prep pills. The CP doesn’t seem to improve pilling adventure much but we are happy with results overall. We kiss our Widgit and give her treats.

Overall time and stress levels (1-10) – I forgot to time it so this is a guess.

  • B4 CP – 35-60 minutes; Widgit Stress: 8; Peter/Kathy Stress: 9
  • W/CP – 15 minutes; Widgit Stress: 5; Peter/Kathy Stress: 4

I’d say it works really well! Maybe I’ll try 5 pins next time!

Peter told me to pin Widgit for pictures…
She just mellows a bit and acts as if there is nothing on her head.

On the other hand Mooshie immediately became immobilized. She was struggling to escape with the first clip and then went into a trance.

With a little encouragement, she flopped on her side. Then started pawing aimlessly in to the air…WOW TOTALLY COOL! The second the pins came off…she was back to normal!

I think Widgit is a 4-5 pin cat and Mooshie is a 1-2 pin cat.