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The Gecko Barricade

by | Mar 26, 2011 | Kitties, Mele, Truffle

It has been a busy season for our geckos.  Recently we’ve been doing the regular battle of trying to protect our poor little geckos from our kittens.  The night before last, we think we lost one when Truffle flung herself from the top of the pantry and knocked little Tiny down.  We managed to extract Truffle with only a few painful scratches to Peter but we feared the demise of Tiny who was not to be found.

Last night we heard a couple strange sounds from downstairs.   I ran to the staircase and found Truffle jumping about 4 feet up the wall in the front entrance.   As I ran down the stairs with Peter right behind me we saw Truffle grab and go.   I trapped her at the bottom of the stairs, immediately opened her mouth to release the mid-sized gecko.   Of course Mele is right there waiting to pounce but we managed to coral the kitties.  Peter tried the transport technique but Mr. Gecko ran behind our books.   (mega dust bunnies!)

We insisted the kitties return upstairs with us and set up this barricade.  Ok, it didn’t stop them but they started having so much fun playing in their new “fort” that Mr. Gecko was soon forgotten.