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They’re Here!

by | Mar 21, 2006 | Kitties, Moosh, Widgit

At long last, our aloha kitties have arrived safe and sound! From the looks of it, their journey was probably more traumatic for us than it was for them, all things considered. You can imagine any number of horrible scenarios that have been haunting us all day long (those who know me know that I trust the air travel process not at all — clocked too many hours in airports and airplanes through the years… they work hard to re-earn my distrust, one flight at a time). They came through just fine though, despite the luggage gorillas and brain dead ground agents.

Widgit wandered out of her carrier and started exploring right away. She happily accepted her aloha treats, then proceeded to wander all over the house, eventually coming back to ask for food. Then after three rounds with her nose in the bowl, I took it away for fear that she’d eat too much too fast and throw it all up. (She’s done that before.) The bowl will reappear later tonight.

I think she’s going to fit right in with the aloha lifestyle.

Moosh in the meantime, cowered in the back of her carrier mewing pathetically for a while, then ventured (more like slinked) out, found the bed and went right under it. She’s still there as I write this.

As Kathy said in her blog, their 120-day house arrest has been the reason we’ve had to hold up everything else. Now it’s over, and in the space of a week, the movers are coming, Kathy is flying here and the house is going on the market — just like that.

I guess we can really get this show on the road finally. Whew!

Btw, I’d recommend — after all, we did have a good outcome — but I hesitate because I think that’s in large part because Kathy and I were catching and managing details at both ends of the journey. The value add they provide is they know about all the necessary forms and when to submit what, plus how to get around all the airline stuff, and they have someone who knows the process the animals need to go through in Honolulu cold. The officials know her too, so that helps. These were the issues we worried about messing up if we were to try to move them on our own. Both Kathy and I had to dig for details from our coordinator every step of the way though, and we never really had the warm fuzzies we were supposed to have about our warm fuzzy ones, especially today. Just not detail-oriented enough for us, given the money we paid, good outcome aside.