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We got our new 3½-month-old kitten home today. Her name is Truffle… kinda rhymes with trouble, which we can already see we’re in for. She likes to explore everything fully, but she won’t do it without company—namely, me, at the moment, since Kathy had meetings to go to. She’s my shadow for the time being.

We arrived at her name when we were playing with her and she seemed to have a really great time with the box that came with the truffles we got from Costco. Through my viewfinder, it looked a lot like a caption, so we figured that must be who she is.

She hasn’t been spayed yet because she has an upper respiratory infection (a.k.a., a cold) which the folks at the Maui Humane Society wanted us to treat her for, because they didn’t really want her around the other cats and didn’t have the space to keep her separated. They recommended we separate her from Moosh, but that’s unrealistic in our environment, so we’re prepared for Moosh to catch it too.

Moosh is pretty freaked out right now, but they aren’t hostile toward each other, which is a good sign. Truffles is used to being around a bunch of other kitties, but Moosh has only had one companion for 11 years. We’re watching to see how that relationship develops.

I was working on these blog photos when she discovered she really liked climbing on me, my keyboard, my desk, everything. She has now found every keyboard shortcut in Adobe Lightroom… some I didn’t even know existed… or how to get out of.

We’re in for a treat… or is that a trick… 😉