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Truffle At SunsetWe have Truffle attached to us all the time.  She is endearingly cute and sensitive.  But her “black” color makes it nearly impossible to get a good picture.  So here is one and a few notes about our dear “Truff”.

  • Truffle tells time.  Every afternoon at 4:37 she starts begging me.  Her feeding time is 5:00.  I tell her “It’s not time yet”.  She puts her paw gently on my shoulder and says “Mrrp”.
  • At feeding time, it is all about the food.  I rinse out the water bowl and refill the dry food.  She could care less.  I pull out the feeding bowl and the can of Friskies and she gets excited.  She seems to know the colors on the cans.  Blue is her favorite (Ocean Whitefish) and orange (Mixed Grill) is her least favorite.  As soon as the lid is popped…it is hers.   I wrestle her back to get the food in the bowl occasionally getting some on her head.  Mele sits quietly on the floor.  I take all the bowls and put them in the kitty corner; Truffle races over and usually wins, inspects both dishes and takes the one with the most food- usually the one that she hasn’t been eating out of.   Poor Mele gets the other.
  • Printing is still her favorite game.   She doesn’t seem to notice that my computer BLEEPS really loud while she sits on my keyboard.
  • Mousey’s are toys.  Truff likes the high fly balls that she can jump up and keep it from landing on the bed.  She doesn’t understand it when I tell her that she needs to get them from under the bed.  She will fetch her gray mouseys (the real fur ones) but not the pink, green or orange ones.  She does not like playing mousey on the bed when Mele – otherwise known as  Melus Interuptus is around.
  • That doesn’t mean that Truff and Mele don’t play.  If you hear a rumble it is most certainly our little furries flurrying around.
  • Truffle likes to sleep in.  Usually with Peter but sometimes with me but she is usually the last one up.  We often wake up to having her curled between us, cuddled in the crook of Peter’s neck.
  • Truffle eats her morning herbs.  Every morning around breakfast, she gets up into her spot above the kitchen sink and chews on cilantro, dill, parsley or basil.   Maybe it keeps her breath fresh?