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Peter has been giving me a hard time because I haven’t been updating Truffle. Truffle has her own rules and is very good at ignoring everything. She is now officially bigger than Mooshie. Of course Moosh is skinny as her intensinal issues continue. But they get along pretty well. Truffle eats everything. We let Mooshie outside on lanai to take breaks from her rambunctious little sister.

Here are a couple of videos from months ago

She definitely makes us laugh.

The funniest time each day has to be when “we” clean the litter box. Cleaning the litter box is her favorite participation sport. Peter said he would be embarrassed if we took video of “LitterFace”. Just remember where she has been when she throws herself on you and gives you kisses! Luckily, Mooshie has taught her to be a pretty clean cat.

Make sure to check out the latest kitty picture HERE!

I’m waiting patiently for Truffle to settle down for her morning nap so that I can work on Mom and Dad’s Easter costumes. Sewing with Truffle is quite the adventure!