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Widgit’s Home

by | Oct 4, 2008 | Kitties, Moosh, Widgit

After being away a WHOLE week, I’m back home resting. The staff at the vet took that long to figure out the following:

  • You must play by MY rules or sedate me completely
  • I can be a very nice kitten
  • No one touches my tail!

I lived through the torture of constant sedation, a collar and and IV in my leg. I tolerated them stabbing me in the back to inject fluids. Mom and Dad will have to do this to me every 2 days…maybe forever. Dad is out buying me a kitty bed which I seemed to really like at the vet’s office. I’m still a little drugged and can’t walk straight but aI scratched on my scratcher and laid next to Mooshie. I usually will tolerate Mooshie but maybe I actually missed her. It is really nice to be home!